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Flamory provides the following integration abilities:

  • Create and use advanced snapshots for Grammar Checker Academic
  • Take and edit Grammar Checker Academic screenshots
  • Automatically copy selected text from Grammar Checker Academic and save it to Flamory history

Grammar Checker Academic bookmarking

Flamory provides advanced bookmarking for Grammar Checker Academic. It captures screen, selection, text on the page and other context. You can find this bookmark later using search by page content or looking through thumbnail list.

For best experience use Google Chrome browser with Flamory plugin installed.

Screenshot editing

Flamory helps you capture and store screenshots from Grammar Checker Academic by pressing a single hotkey. It will be saved to a history, so you can continue doing your tasks without interruptions. Later, you can edit the screenshot: crop, resize, add labels and highlights. After that, you can paste the screenshot into any other document or e-mail message.

Here is how Grammar Checker Academic snapshot can look like. Get Flamory and try this on your computer.

Grammar Checker Academic - Flamory bookmarks and screenshots

Application info

This is a grammar checker that correct mistakes in your writing.

English Grammar Checker

Are you trying to write that perfect essay for school? Do you need to have your memos at work sound more professional? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have

an easy reference guide in your pocket to help you when you aren't sure which word to use or which verb tense?

Well now you can! That's what grammar checker is here for.

It is basically a grammar dictionary that will check your work for you! And you get the convenience of being able to carry it with you all the time.

Don't turn in that paper to your instructor until you've run grammar checker and fixed any little errors. Use it on your emails, so that your boss is

impressed with your writing ability.

You can even use it if English is your second language, and you just want to study up a little because you desire to sound more like a native speaker.

What does grammar checker cover?

Every type of tense you can think of including:

• Present Simple

• Present Perfect (have/has P.P)

• Past Simple

• Past Perfect (had P.P)

• Present Continuous

• Past Continuous (be + ing)

You also get everything you need on verbs and nouns such as:

• Regular and Irregular Verbs (make-made-made...)

• Regular and Irregular Nouns (child-children...)

• Modal Verbs (can, will, must, should, might, may...)

• Passive (be P.P )

• Questions and Auxiliary verbs

• Gerund (verb + ing)

• To-infinitive ( to+Verb)

In fact, grammar checker covers everything you need to write in a comprehensive manner in the English language. Look at these other features:

• Articles (a, an, the)

• Relative Clauses (which, that, what, who, where, how...)

• Adjectives (beautiful)

• Adverbs( beautifully...)

• Comparison (taller, more interesting...)

• Conjunction (and, or, nor )

• Subordinate Conjunction ( while, although, if...)

• Prepositions (in, with, in front of, at,...)

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Grammar Checker Academic is also known as Grammar Checker. Integration level may vary depending on the application version and other factors. Make sure that user are using recent version of Grammar Checker Academic. Please contact us if you have different integration experience.