Your second memory

Remember everything

Flamory can save a copy of every web page and file that you see on your screen, so you can find them later.

History stays on your computer only.
Your privacy is protected.

Flamory history recording

Snapshot interesting stuff

Tell Flamory to make a snapshot. It will save a screenshot, selected text and position on the page.

Double-click the snapshot and Flamory will open the exact place in the document. It's like a bookmark, but better.

Snapshot interesting stuff

Search your memory

Find saved web page by any words from its contents.

Or scroll the list of snapshots and find the one by a screenshot.

Search your memory


When you do a Google search, Flamory will search
your snapshots too. If it founds something, blue stripe will appear on the right side of the screen.

This stripe will also appear when you visit a page that you snapshotted. Right-click it to see what was found.



Flamory groups related snapshots into topics. Just click on T near any snapshot to see your whole research in one place.

Flamory topics

All the apps

Flamory works the same way with web pages, emails, local files, pdf books, and other documents.

How to use

Flamory is a great resource for creating and managing both online and offline bookmarks. The search function makes it very easy to use, even when dealing with numerous items.
Softpedia editor
Mircea Saveanu
Flamory can increase your productivity through the roof. While it is working in the background, you only need to hit a hotkey to bookmark your location in a document or on a web page.
FindMySoft editor
Frederick Barton


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