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Flamory provides the following integration abilities:

  • Create and use window snapshots for dpeg!
  • Take and edit dpeg! screenshots
  • Automatically copy selected text from dpeg! and save it to Flamory history

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Screenshot editing

Flamory helps you capture and store screenshots from dpeg! by pressing a single hotkey. It will be saved to a history, so you can continue doing your tasks without interruptions. Later, you can edit the screenshot: crop, resize, add labels and highlights. After that, you can paste the screenshot into any other document or e-mail message.

Here is how dpeg! snapshot can look like. Get Flamory and try this on your computer.

dpeg! - Flamory bookmarks and screenshots

Application info

This is not your fathers dupe checker. Not your brothers, not your sisters, and certainly not your mothers! dpeg! is the most sophisticated dupe snarfer there ever was and its better, stronger, faster than ever.

Got a few hundred photos, graphic images, or mp3s? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Downloaded, traded, ripd, saved, shared, it doesnt matter how you got em - youve got duplicates! With dpeg!, you have an intuitive & easy way to find, examine, and get rid of those extra files that are just wasting space or causing confusion.

dpeg! will allow you to scour any number of drives and folders, even removable media like CD and Zip drives with disk swap prompting, finding duplicate photos using traditional methods of Name, Size, Checksum, & CRC, fuzzy modes of Color Content, and intelligent modes of Tolerant Pattern Matching with Dynamic AutoCropping - to catch duplicates that have been color adjusted, resized, resaved in almost any graphic file format - even bordered, text & logo spammed, and flipped or rotated! Match songs by Artist, Length, or CRC. Match any types of files for that matter - make your own custom filetype groups!

dpeg! features a well-honed interface backed by years of user feedback and suggested features like Task oriented operation, Side by Side Review, include/exclude Filters, Pre-Matching , Not-A-Match memory, and a New Files Check method - dpeg! works the way you need it to, finding duplicates and quickly displaying each match in scroll-linked windows. It even has Rule Based Automated Deletions and optional Thumbnail Caching! We think youll agree, dpeg! is still the best.

Integration level may vary depending on the application version and other factors. Make sure that user are using recent version of dpeg!. Please contact us if you have different integration experience.