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iep logo iep and Flamory

Flamory provides the following integration abilities:

  • Create and use advanced snapshots for iep
  • Take and edit iep screenshots
  • Automatically copy selected text from iep and save it to Flamory history

iep bookmarking

Flamory provides advanced bookmarking for iep. It captures screen, selection, text of the document and other context. You can find this bookmark later using search by document content or looking through thumbnail list.

Screenshot editing

Flamory helps you capture and store screenshots from iep by pressing a single hotkey. It will be saved to a history, so you can continue doing your tasks without interruptions. Later, you can edit the screenshot: crop, resize, add labels and highlights. After that, you can paste the screenshot into any other document or e-mail message.

Here is how iep snapshot can look like. Get Flamory and try this on your computer.

iep - Flamory bookmarks and screenshots

Application info

IEP (pronounced as 'eep') is a cross-platform Python IDE focused on interactivity and introspection, which makes it very suitable for scientific computing. Its practical design is aimed at simplicity and efficiency.

IEP is written in Python 3 and Qt. Binaries are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. For questions, there is a discussion group.

Some key features

(see Features for a more complete list):

Powerful introspection (autocompletion, calltips, interactive help): uses information from both the interactive shell and the source code.

Allows various ways to run code interactively or to run a file as a script.

The shells runs in a subprocess and can therefore be interrupted or killed.

Multiple shells can be used at the same time, and can be of different Python versions (from v2.4 to 3.x)

Support for using several GUI toolkits interactively: PySide, PyQt4, wx, fltk, GTK, Tk.

Supports magic commands similar to IPython.

Full Unicode support in both editor and shell.

Various handy tools, plus the ability to make your own.

Matlab-style cell notation to mark code sections (by starting a line with '##').

Highly customizable using the menu.

Integration level may vary depending on the application version and other factors. Make sure that user are using recent version of iep. Please contact us if you have different integration experience.